Design is where everything starts.

Design is the conceptualization and specification of exactly what a product should be for it’s users. It’s the blueprinting of how something will look and work. Digital Design involves a broad spectrum of work, including the creation of graphics, interfaces, animations, as well as the performance of research, analysis, implementation, and testing.

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Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity Design is a crucial process for every successful brand. It’s the appearance of a brand to it’s consumers. It’s responsible for cohesiveness amongst every visible aspect of a brand. It’s the “style” of a brand. Some important aspects of brand identity include naming, logos, colors, taglines, fonts, letterhead, business cards, etc.

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UX / User Experience Design

Every digital experience begins with UX Design. The name says it all - User Experience Design is about creating the best experience possible for the human users of a digital product. UX Design is the work before making a sleek interface. It’s about designing a frame of essential functionalities which works in the best interests of the target audience of users. Some important aspects of UX Design include user research, user profiling, wireframing and prototyping, and testing.

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UI / User Interface Design

UI (User Interface) Design follows after UX Design. The two stages are both essential to a great digital product and you wouldn’t want one without the other. The roles of a UX and UI design both revolve around creating an enjoyable experience for users. UX Design involves the frame, and UI design involves all of the fine details. Great UI Design makes the difference between a product that works well and a product that looks and feels amazing and is a joy to interact with. Some important aspects of User Interface Design include the design of layout, colors, fonts, icons, animation, and adaptation to varying screen sizes.

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Graphic Design & Illustration

Graphics are essential to all of our daily lives, so it makes sense that graphic design work has a huge amount of specializations. Graphic Design & Illustration is about sharing concepts in a way which is easier to understand than with words alone. Some key applications of Graphic Design & Illustration include art, symbols, icons, and infographics.

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Animation & Interaction Design

Interactive digital experiences need detailed attention animations. Living things move, and movement attracts attention and implies action. Animations have the ability to create stunning and immersive visual effects, and proper Interaction Design can greatly improve the user experience of any digital interface.

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